Sunday, January 15, 2012

Selling Sewn Items

I am thinking of selling some of the stuff i make, but cant decide on a price, For the sketchbook and marker covers, i was thinking $15 including shipping but without markers heres my run down

supplies $5
 shipping $2.50 
         envelope to ship in $1        
          my total cost $8.50 
       my profit $6.50
it takes about 45 mins to make one

So i would be making $6.50 from making each one. To include the markers and sketchbook i would need to add another $6.50, so i think i will leave them out to lower cost and shipping. Does that sound fair?? I saw some on etsy and people were charging like $25 for them without the flowers or anything on the front. I was thinking of offering personalization too, since i have an embroidery machine i think names would be nice on them, that would probably be about a $2 charge.

Give me your input! Ive never sold anything ive made before so i need help! here are some pictures

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  1. I'm actually thinking these are SUPER cute! Could you maybe sell them for that price and make the markers/sketchbook optional if they wanted to add?

    :) I've definitely been eyeing some of your creations to buy!