Friday, January 27, 2012

How i cloth diaper

I love seeing how people cloth diaper! I have over 50 pockets, like 6 fitteds and 3 covers, and a million inserts and doublers...  This is me

This is the top drawer of the dresser,  from left to right, smartipants, betterbottoms, random WAHM  and ones ive made,  and the last row is fuzzibunz, gogreens, tinytush and other big brands
This is the second drawer, the left is doublers and covers, then a row of pockets i dont use much,  then my fitteds then the right baskets id inserts for flips and smartipants and extras for other diaers

This is the bottom drawer... random stuff, wet bags, swim diapers wool covers i dont use, disposable liners

This is a stuid cabinit, with no shelves or anything i put a drawer thing for bibs and socs and i have all the bath stuff i dont use bc its J&J but i dont want to trash it lol and the basket on top is full of jimmys shoes


diaper sprayer that hubby made!!! 

How do you cloth diaper? how many diapers do you have?

I just found this articl and wanted to add it! Its a great one about wash routine!


  1. oh my goodness - I had NO idea you could make your own diaper sprayer - hubby just got a new homework assignment! :)
    LOVE your stash - And I need to get some bins/baskets like you have in that cabinet to organize - I just have piles that keep falling over. Dumb cabinet! ):

    1. I sent hubby to home depot on am ission lol and thats what he came up with it works great and its hot water so its better! I used to have a big pile in that cabinet too but i couldnt take it and i wouldnt even open it so i had to figure something out!!