Friday, January 27, 2012

How i cloth diaper

I love seeing how people cloth diaper! I have over 50 pockets, like 6 fitteds and 3 covers, and a million inserts and doublers...  This is me

This is the top drawer of the dresser,  from left to right, smartipants, betterbottoms, random WAHM  and ones ive made,  and the last row is fuzzibunz, gogreens, tinytush and other big brands
This is the second drawer, the left is doublers and covers, then a row of pockets i dont use much,  then my fitteds then the right baskets id inserts for flips and smartipants and extras for other diaers

This is the bottom drawer... random stuff, wet bags, swim diapers wool covers i dont use, disposable liners

This is a stuid cabinit, with no shelves or anything i put a drawer thing for bibs and socs and i have all the bath stuff i dont use bc its J&J but i dont want to trash it lol and the basket on top is full of jimmys shoes


diaper sprayer that hubby made!!! 

How do you cloth diaper? how many diapers do you have?

I just found this articl and wanted to add it! Its a great one about wash routine!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things i wish i knew as a new mommy

These are things i think every new mom and dad should know... Some if these things are.. (with links to my reasoning)

  • Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby and yourself, and do it in public! dont let anyone tell you diffrent! 
  •  the fact that babies DON'T sleep through the night! 
  • You shouldn't carry your baby facing out 
  • Johnson & Johnson is HORRIBLE brand!! 
  • babies need their "virgin gut"
  • "Cry it out" is unhealthy for your child (and i have never done it thank god!)  
  • Co sleeping IS HEALTHY!  
  • everyone will give you their opinion! Take what you need and discard the rest, make your decisions!
  • cloth diapers are a great money saver and they are not pins and plastic covers! And you can support Work at home moms
  • SAY YES! instead of always saying no, try to say yes more, let your kid play in shaving cream! 
  • Find other moms, weather it be an online group, a playgroup or just someone you trust, find people with similar beleifs and stick with them!! 
  • Dont be afraid to ask for help, batman had robin! 
  • Dont beleive doctors all the time, they can be wrong too. 
  • dont give formula if you are tring to successfully breastfeed! EVER not even a little not even at the hospital! 
I think every mother needs to do a ton of research when they find out they are pregnant, they need to make decisions for themselves and read both sides of the opinion!! Parenting is NOT black and white and dont beleive everything you hear/read! 

DO what you think is right and HAVE FUN being a parent is amazingg!!!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Selling Sewn Items

I am thinking of selling some of the stuff i make, but cant decide on a price, For the sketchbook and marker covers, i was thinking $15 including shipping but without markers heres my run down

supplies $5
 shipping $2.50 
         envelope to ship in $1        
          my total cost $8.50 
       my profit $6.50
it takes about 45 mins to make one

So i would be making $6.50 from making each one. To include the markers and sketchbook i would need to add another $6.50, so i think i will leave them out to lower cost and shipping. Does that sound fair?? I saw some on etsy and people were charging like $25 for them without the flowers or anything on the front. I was thinking of offering personalization too, since i have an embroidery machine i think names would be nice on them, that would probably be about a $2 charge.

Give me your input! Ive never sold anything ive made before so i need help! here are some pictures

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally done sewing christmas gifts!

Well i am finally done sewing up gifts! We are heading home on leave in the morning :) heres the run down of all the things i made!

I made 5 sketchbook/marker holders and 3 tablet/ereader covers

heres the inside of the sketchbook covers

and the tablet/ereaders

I made like 8 coffee cozies, they are reversible and i love them 

I made a stethoscope cover for a certain lady that just graduated from nursing school! 

i made a Rachel Ray wanna be pot holder


I made two toiletry bags for my uncle and my FIL 

I made these two cool card organizers to hold things like punch cards, store discount cards, coupons, whatever!! 

this one has a matching buisness card holder

And i made this super cool car roll for my nephew 

heres the front 

SO thats a total 24 gifts and i have a few more im going to make for my mom, but iwont be seeing her for a while so they can wait :)