Monday, December 26, 2011

Motherhood rant... just be kind!

I have been reading a lot about people getting advice they don't want and aren't asking for. Can someone please explain to me WHY mothers feel the need to push their beliefs and their ways on other people? Why do they think children will die if they are not raised the exact same way that they are raising their kids? Personally i breastfeed and cloth diaper, but i don't think mothers who put disposables on their children are tring to kill them. I am not telling every mother that disposables are putting chemicals on thier babies sensitive areas and im not telling mothers who formula feed that their babies are missing out on some amazing things in breast milk, although sometimes i want to, im sure thier lives are hard enough with me harassing them. And the same goes the other way if i want to feed my child while i am shopping i am aloud to, im not shoving your face in my boobs, get over yourself im keeping my child ALIVE!  The decisions you make are good for you and your family but might not be right for others... just accept it! 

We as mothers need to support each other! Its hard being a mom and its even harder when were harassing each other! Take a step back and see if your doing this and then STOP, give a second thought to that mom thats yelling at her kid in the grocery store... maybe her husband just deployed or her grandmother died... you dont know what is going on with her so dont judge! I think we all need to take the time to tell another mother that she fucking rocks! we all deserve to hear that sometimes!! 

<steps off my soapbox> I hope everyone had a great holiday with thier family and thanks for reading my rant lol 

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Ok so we have 5 codes to give out and we had only 5 people enter so no drawing needed everyone gets a code! LOL i will email you each a code for your free photo!!

Thank you all for entering and have a Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 23, 2011 Review and Giveaway

This is my first giveaway! And i am a giveaway entering addict so im pretty excited!! I received a code to use and 5 to giveaway for Its a pretty amazing site, you upload a picture of your christmas tree or stockings and then you insert a picture of santa into it so it looks like you got a snapshot of santa in your house! 

I have to admit i used a picture of our last years tree because this year, our tree is so sad looking with ornaments only on the top part, But thats what happens with a one year old around lol And i probably shouldve chosen a picture without the date one it but it just makes it more realistic :)  Im going to put this in Jimmys baby book! 

It was super simple to make and you download the pic immediately or you can have it printed at walgreens or wherever you choose.  These photos are $9.99 each, they also offer videos of santa, with photo purchase you can get 5 videos for $4.99. And for other times of the year they have the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and cupid! Just visit Catch a Character. If you get a santa picture you can get a deal and a total of 4 pictures for $20. 

Now for the fun part! I have 5 codes to give away, this is going to be a simple 24 hour giveaway! I will Choose the winners 12/24 at noon eastern time and i will email the code to you. 

How to enter! Just like this blog via GFC and leave a comment with your gfc name and your email address

extra entry go like iCaightSanta on facebook And leave a comment here also

Easy peasy!! 

Merry Christmas!!! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kindle Cover Tutorial

This is my first tutorial so bear with me and feel free to ask questions im not clear enough, I could not find a tutorial that i wanted to i made my own pattern and just kind of wung it (winged it??)  Its a christmas gift for my mommy :) Im going to appoligise for the bad pics, my cameras broken and my phone is also broken (thanks to the baby) so i used the video camera which apparently is horrible! i retook the finished shots with hubby phone and they are good.
This is the finished product

I do not own a kindle, but we got one for my mom for Christmas so i wanted to make her a cover so i used cardboard and duct tape to make a fake kindle with the same dimensions as the real one.

my fake kindle lol 

First I made the rolled fabric flowers, Pretty easy to do, you can find a ton of you tube videos and blogs showing you how to do it. The easiest way i found is that you take 1 in strip of fabric, find the middle and tie a knot there, then you start wrapping it and twisting the fabric away from the middle and you eventually get a flower. I hot glued them to a piece of fleece to keep them together.

I used 3 fabrics, So well call the grey fabric A the pink with weird stick things B and the plain pink C. These are the cuts youll need
9.5x12 one piece each of A and B 
2- 3 in squares of A 
9.5x6 each of A and B
2- 1x10 C
2- 1x5A
1/4 in Elastic
Button or Snaps

Youll also need 2 8x5 cuts of plastic, i used the top of a big rubbermaid container, i also saw people use binders... whatever you have will work. 

Ok so i Started by making the pocket for the inside, i took the 9.5x6 of A and folded the top down to make a pocket the size i wanted then i stitched it. Then i put A fabric on top of the B fabric and basted it together. Next i Hemmed the right side of it to make a nice finished seam for the pocket. And basted it to the large cut of fabric B

Next i marked where the binding would be, Just for placement on the parts the will hold the kindle in 
I marked 5 3/4 from either side 

Now we will work on the bits and pieces to told the kindle in, you will need your 3 in squares, fold then in half and stitch down the long side

now i placed these onto the B fabric and stitched it, 

Now for all of the elastic pieces in this project, you could just use the elastic but i wanted to make it pretty :) SOOO what i did was, take a 1 inch piece of fabric and fold in half and sew it, then i put the elastic in  and sewed one end closed then figured out how long the elastic needed to be and bunched up the fabric a little to allow for stretching, and sewed the other end

Now sew on the elastic straps. 

Next i put the binding in its just a one inch piece of fabric i folded a half in under on either side and sewed it between the lines i marked earlier. now the binding should cover the left side of the bottom triangle and the elastic too. (see picture 3 up) 

Now put right sides together and sew like you would anything else, just make sure that you leave an opening big enough to get the plastic in, i put them in and then turned them while they were inside 

Before you sew it up hand stitch the button onto the front, now put the elastic for the closure in and sew up the hole. Then top stitch the whole thing, along the green lines 

You could also Use Snaps as a closure, Just make a little tab to sew in where i put the elastic and apply the snaps on the front and on the tab! I made some Art to go cases which are similar in construction and i used snaps, i like them better! 

now i just hot glued the flowers to the front and your all done!! 

sorry its upseide down i cant figure out how to fit it lol 

this is also upside down, but it shows the pocket better

Well i hope you enjoy! If you need any help, leave a comment with your email addy and ill get back to you! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Play kitchen from entertainment center

Well i have hopes and Dreams of making this amazing play kitchen from an old entertainment center. I got the idea from Better After She turned this
into this amazing piece of girlyness 

This is the entertainment center that i got on craigslist for a measly $10 and its perfect!! I see the standing doors as the fridge freezer and one of the bottom cabinets flipped to be an oven i see a sink and a stove! I have Big dreams for this guy!
Ill update as i get this going! Im so excited!!!!

My projects

Some of my current projects i have going on right now

Just finished this amazing (if  i may say so myself) Diaper for my little man!! The belt is loose int his picture but its ok!

I found this on Pinterest also! Its so clever, kind of like a crayon roll for cars! i made one for my nephew for chirstmas

I am in the process of making a Birthday board that i found on pinterest, It is currently just a piece of wood and little shapes But it will soon be somehting like the one i saw!

This is my favorite current project! I am going to make a play kitchen from an entertainment center! Now the fact that i do not have a daughter and the fect that i want to paint this PINK dont even matter to me! so i am going to make it and figure out if i want to sell it or maybe gift it to someone im not sure yet but i NEED to try! 
How AMAZING is this?! There will be a whole blog dedicated to this and how amazing it is! 

Im sure i have other things in the works, but just cant think of them right now :)  

A little about me

Well this is the first blog ive ever written!! I will just introduce myself and hope someone wants to read :)  Im Nicole, i am a navy wife and mom to one amazing little boy! Ive known my husband for 14 years and been married for 3.I am a cloth diapering, breastfeeding (you know the sphiel) momma.  I love crafting, i sew and paint mostly but i dabble in a bit of it all! I always have a few projects going on, but few get finished :)  I have been SO addicted to pinterest lately and have found alot of great projects i want to try!! This blog overall will have a bit of everything, some mommy stuff, some crafyness a little bit about trying to get your sexy back after a baby! I hope you enjoy reading and give me feedback, i need all the help i can get :)  Happy Crafting!