Monday, December 12, 2011

My projects

Some of my current projects i have going on right now

Just finished this amazing (if  i may say so myself) Diaper for my little man!! The belt is loose int his picture but its ok!

I found this on Pinterest also! Its so clever, kind of like a crayon roll for cars! i made one for my nephew for chirstmas

I am in the process of making a Birthday board that i found on pinterest, It is currently just a piece of wood and little shapes But it will soon be somehting like the one i saw!

This is my favorite current project! I am going to make a play kitchen from an entertainment center! Now the fact that i do not have a daughter and the fect that i want to paint this PINK dont even matter to me! so i am going to make it and figure out if i want to sell it or maybe gift it to someone im not sure yet but i NEED to try! 
How AMAZING is this?! There will be a whole blog dedicated to this and how amazing it is! 

Im sure i have other things in the works, but just cant think of them right now :)  

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