Monday, December 26, 2011

Motherhood rant... just be kind!

I have been reading a lot about people getting advice they don't want and aren't asking for. Can someone please explain to me WHY mothers feel the need to push their beliefs and their ways on other people? Why do they think children will die if they are not raised the exact same way that they are raising their kids? Personally i breastfeed and cloth diaper, but i don't think mothers who put disposables on their children are tring to kill them. I am not telling every mother that disposables are putting chemicals on thier babies sensitive areas and im not telling mothers who formula feed that their babies are missing out on some amazing things in breast milk, although sometimes i want to, im sure thier lives are hard enough with me harassing them. And the same goes the other way if i want to feed my child while i am shopping i am aloud to, im not shoving your face in my boobs, get over yourself im keeping my child ALIVE!  The decisions you make are good for you and your family but might not be right for others... just accept it! 

We as mothers need to support each other! Its hard being a mom and its even harder when were harassing each other! Take a step back and see if your doing this and then STOP, give a second thought to that mom thats yelling at her kid in the grocery store... maybe her husband just deployed or her grandmother died... you dont know what is going on with her so dont judge! I think we all need to take the time to tell another mother that she fucking rocks! we all deserve to hear that sometimes!! 

<steps off my soapbox> I hope everyone had a great holiday with thier family and thanks for reading my rant lol 

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